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This group is for those who missed the old MMD-Community and just want a drama-free community, because you all know how stuff works here on DA.
We do not tolerate hate here and illegal trades can go away. No hate journals or pictures towards people will be allowed. Non-MMD renders are accepted here.
Founded 8 Years ago
Sep 19, 2010


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2,253 Members
1,950 Watchers
229,864 Pageviews
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Furude Rika by YamadaNoKokoro
28 by YukinoSama27
Flowering in the Moonlight by Riirichiyo
Original, NOT EDITED models 2
Waves of Fun by saltyking
the future (I've Moved Accounts) by PassionGem
Windows100% DeoFairy NOL by Xoriu
Edited models 3
Summer Day by Kagamineheart
blast from the past by saltyking

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life glitch by YamadaNoKokoro
MMD Sunday Time by Beikonated
Model from scratch made by DA users
(MMD) BALDI MODEL [+DL] by BossSwagMaster
Rigging Commission - Grimbelle by Pokeluver223
~Your Reality~ by Pokeluver223
Lillie Base: Beta Release for Patreon's only by LilMissLillie
Edited models with Original models
Fixing Sad! by AnimeNebula003
Happy 39 Miku day / 10th anniversary of MMD / Miku by Rina55
Training Together by P-Chan93
.:TDA Default Miku Edit (D O W N L OA D!!!):. by mixaylova17
Downloads 2
[MMD] BSG Armistice Corridor Accessories DL by Riveda1972
CM3D2: (Gothic Lolita  V2) Reduce Bones Numbers by Jalmod
[MMD] Colonial fleet Duty Uniform FEMALE DL by Riveda1972
Tda Gumi Black and white by SweetWolfyYT
TDA vocaloid models
Pride by Nikki-Kaji
Shelter by slyfan1030
Q by Ohbey
Summer day by Minagi-Phantom
MMD NewComers
Not so innocent by sakuraD28
P4D Miku by PriChama
MMD: Faust by KlaidAstoria
MMD Moon Goddess Showcase by luna-panda-love
Male x Male
[MMD/BATIM] Borendy by 19wereWOLF87
MMD Slow Death by Beikonated
Relaxing night by Kagamineheart
Bad boy, I love you by TheKillerNightmare
Female x Female
Love Me Baby Baby by Minagi-Phantom
Straight couples
Junpei Beach Date by koiinu
Outside work by SpecialCrazyWolf
Drama Tragedy
(MMD// Monster) - I am an enigma, a game ... by CogetaCats
: Flowery waters : by Omizuri
Anime, Manga characters
Let's Dance! by PriChama
torii gates by YamadaNoKokoro
How deep is your love by xXMaskTheBlindxX
Misc Characters
Do you believe in the devil? by SpecialCrazyWolf
[MMD] 1, 2 Fanclub by munnie1579
happines by YuukiKumo
Non MMD renders
|KeyShot3D|FE:F| The Beauty of Nohr by UniversalKun
Work in progress WIP
Detroit Become Human -Connor RK900 uniform lolita by sakuraD28
[CONTEST] 'Seasons' Contest [CLOSED] by Fujiwara-no-Moko
Misc 3
MMD I Love You - Meme by Beikonated
Misc 2 _FULL_
PKMMD - Lucky Egg by Beikonated
Original models FULL?
.:Light weight:. by TheMMDerWithoutName
Misc -FULL-
MMD Reaction Meme feat. Raemulus by Beikonated
Edited models 2 _FULL_
VFX Ready - Childish War Miku ver by KasugaKaoru
Edited models _FULL_
Piron Teto by Xoriu
Downloads _FULL_
Newcomer Ai Haibara/Anita Hailey + DL by TheBizarreKazeko

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Hazel-And-Rowan Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
Hi, just wanted to leave a comment asking if anyone could help me make a .VSQ file for Tom Walkers "Leave a Light On" song, I'm currently working on a motion for it but the lip syncing is not going well at all...

I'd really appreciate any help! I've always wanted to get into MMD but never really had the drive so I've mostly just messed around with it but Toms song really struck a cord with me and now I just have to make a full motion for it!

Once finished I'll of course be uploading it and if anyone ends up helping me with this darn lip sync they'll be credited to! and have to be credited as well as myself if anyone ends up using this motion ^u^;

I really hope this is an ok comment to leave ^3^; Super sorry if it isn't!
KikiSuBunny Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2018  Professional Photographer
Looking to pay anyone who can do a motion data for me for the Utena Anime Opening
Oyukii Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2017
Cartoondude135 Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2016
Why can't I edit certain models? Like, what don't I understand about that part here?

And............ yes. There are hardly or no MMD models of things I just came across bran new to me or the DL Link got shut down/closed ages ago for 1 reason or another. All the Rinto and Lenka models I found are not as attractive as I thought, so I decided to make my own "Project Diva F-style" Rinto and Lenka. Because different models have different "themes". Such as PDAFT, PD, PDF, TDA, etc. All I have to do is delete Lens's hair and add Rin's short hair for Rinto and put on Lens hair with a custom ponytail (…) to get Lenka. Plus, MapleStory 2 is still yet to be released. So by editing the eye color, hairstyle, etc, it will help keep my mind off the game. 

So, what is bad about changing the model's colors or changing it's physical appearance? Like, there are many other people that distribute the exact same model. So they won't be able to tell the difference on who owns this particular model. Heres an example:… and… look exactly the same, so nobody will be able to tell the difference on who they downloaded it from. MMD will be my own personal "Teenage-style" MapleStory 2 as the PDF Rin and Len models can be made into just about any character with the correct editing skills. Also, looking at the characters playing in my MMD, the gender ratio is out of balance. There are more females than males, so I decided to make my own MMD versions of my MapleStory Male character classes I currently have. Plus, who wants to see a "humanized" version of Conker the Squirrel and Berri the Chipmunk? Ooh ooh! Or how bout a human Sly Cooper or a human Carmelita Fox?… and…. is another example of the same model from 2 different distributors. Or I could just rip the models from the games myself, rig them, and then export them as a .pmd or .pmx file for MMD. Or I could make my own 3d gun model from scratch and texture it exactly like one I've seen somewhere online or in a game. And yes, I'm still a bit of a noob at making humanoid models from scratch as one half of the body is a mirror of the other half. So I have to make a 3d version of a character with what I already have thats readily available for a quick edit here and there.

I'm also looking for Haine Lin and Ren models, but none of them are appealing enough. So by changing the clothing color, eye color, and hair color, I'll get a "Project Diva F-style" Haine Lin and Ren. Here's another example:….,……, So the only way I'll find a model good enough, is to change the eye, hair, and clothing color of what I already have available. Search up "Project Diva Haine Lin Ren" on google images and you should find the pics of the edited Rin and Len models. 

Plus, who wants to see a "Future Style" Haine Lin? Or any "Project Diva F-style" fanloid in this case?
Cartoondude135 Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2016
How do I copy the facials/morphs from this Rin model… and paste them into this Len model…? I have Pmx Editor and this model is missing some of those facials displayed on this Rin model.
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